maybe i was missing social interaction

Not having any friends physically close enough to hang out with, I used to play some relaxing games online with others.

This is back in the days when I would spend more time on IRC than my work (it felt like this). In the evenings I would play MineCraft with some chums. It was a way of keeping myself busy whilst also having some interaction with other people.

I don’t know when it stopped. Maybe we all just grew out of that phase of our lives.

It only came to mind last night – when I had the chance of interacting with old and new friends playing Hotshots Racing.

An old friend posted on Twitter that he and a friend of his were going to stream a game on YouTube. So I popped over to have a look. During the playing, they said that if anybody else has the game, they were welcome to join in the fun.

I took them up on their offer, spent a fun while being terrible at it and chatting at the same time 🙂

Part of our conversation covered the times when we would play MineCraft, and how this has been a chance for social contact once more.

I wish this had started earlier in the evening, as I had to leave early. But the short amount of time I got to spend being terrible at a game with friends, while others watched, really brightened my mood.

While I don’t think of myself as being a social person, it would seem that I do benefit of that extra interaction now and then.

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